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Work on addressing common customer support inquiries before the customer even realizes that they need support. For example, pay attention to your trends of people reaching out to you in the inbox: what do they reach out about, what are they having trouble with? Once you have a handle on the specific problems that you need to address, you can start to figure out ways to reach out to customers prior to them reaching out to you. For example, if there is always a specific question that people have about your product, and it always occurs around the three-month-usage mark, trigger an automated email, notification, or in-app message right before that mark and get them the answer before the question arises.

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Besides becoming regulars, consumers who are satisfied with your company’s customer service are more likely to share their praise with others, thereby increasing the number of referrals you receive. You can use this to your advantage for your online presence. Though word-of-mouth is still an effective way to market your products and services, getting consumers to recognize your company on the internet—social media, review websites, as well as the company’s own website—will help your online presence  reach even more potential customers. Having a beautifully designed website won’t do you much good if nobody visits it.

Case Study

How Strong Customer Support Benefits Every Department

Today’s marketplace doesn’t tolerate poor customer support. Bad news travels fast in the digital age, and your customers likely have more alternatives and fewer switching costs to consider than ever before. For this reason, strong customer support has emerged as a greater differentiator than price for businesses looking to stand out in the eyes of prospects.

In the long run, investing in customer support strengthens every level of your organization and benefits customers as well. Let’s look at how a dedication to strong customer service will trickle down to serve departments which, too often, aren’t encouraged to take an interest in support at all.

Mar 06, 2020